Saturday, 5 February 2011

They're Coming!

Girls there are some ab fab papers comin soon to a store near you!  I already have a scrapbook page layout rolling around in my head after looking at these so I for one can't wait.  I'm desperate to do a page, or a card, or a project - something.  Just as soon as I can stand long enough I'm there.

Apologies that my little birdies are the wrong way round - amazing how you can take a photo, play with it, upload it and still not notice it's all going in the wrong direction LOL!  Sorry.

These fab papers are from American Crafts and a range called 'city parks'.  I'm not sure when they're due in exactly but the birdies would be super cute for Easter and Spring.  This range features a wonderful 'raspberry' colour and a pretty almost 'duck egg' blue as well as kinda 'mustard' yellow and 'lime' green.  There are some lovely colour combinations in this range and some lovely patterns too like hot air balloons, big bold blooms, birdies and funky circles (which would make funky flowers all on their own) plus spots, stripes, checks - just about everything you'd want - even a bit of stitch embossing on the lime green too.

This is my favourite pick for a scrapbook page and I think maybe it'll have to be a class page girls.  If I could've whipped these papers away with me yesterday I would have.  Amanda I'll have a couple of sheets of each of these designs on order if you please - one set for me and one for a class page.  I can't wait!




  1. Have to agree with Suezie here, some of these papers are scrummy and I can't wait for them to be in the shop. Wont use them for a while but just touch and stroke them - as you do.
    x Tricia

  2. Well Tricia - I for one can't wait to use them! There's plenty of time to 'stroke' and admire them on my project - too much torture just looking at them LOL! Hugs - Suezie