Saturday, 21 February 2009

Make It!!

Well i know it has been a while since my first post......... but once you have read this you will see why!!!

My fab help in the shop (know as Mum and dad) have both been really really poorly. Having returned from an 8 week trip to Florida they have both had Chest infections since they got back. And those of you who know me personally will know how much they help me out in the shop. So a HUGE Thank You to Rosina for helping me out greatly (as allways) once again, and helping keep the shop going! Couldnt do it without you. That said.... Last sunday saw the start of the long awaited UK Trade Show - Stitches. I was taking Mum and Dad with me but mum was just to poorly to come ( so you know just how bad she was!).... So early Sunday moring saw dad and myself get in the car and head to sunny Birmingham!!!! We got there at 10am and we were on our way back by 2.00pm!!! So as you can see it was not fab, but we were both worried about Mum so headed back to see how she was.

Monday saw an even earlier start for me. I picked Suezie up at 6.45am and Rosina at 7am!!! And i am really not a morning Person!!!!!!! Got to Birmingham at 9am. I have to say that Monday was a much more productive day!!! Wait until you see what we have coming in..... There is some lovely stuff. Not so sure my Bank manager will think that!!!! anyway it was a really really long day and i finally walked in at just after 9pm!!! Thank god we have lots to talk about between us..... as it kept me awake to drive home.

Then Tuesday saw me and Dad back in Birmingham. We bought the contents of the Beadsmith stand..... all you beaders will love it!

So this saw us back at the shop by 8pm on Tuesday night. There the Acrilic book workshop was already underway. Most people seemed to be loving the workshop but most were also suffering with some illness or other!!! Anyway everyone had fun and i will get some pics on here (just as soon as i workout how to do it!).

Wednesday saw me running around like a headless chicken trying to get sorted out for departure on Thursday for the Make it show! (i am the first to admit i am not a very nice person to be around when getting ready for a show!). So i finally got home at just after 10.30pm and had been on the go since 6am!

So Thursday saw D Day and we were off to the Make it Show at Farnborough..... well so we thought! Myself and dad decided that if we got up early and loaded the trailer first thing that we could leave the car and trailer outside the shop with the hazard lights on and be ready to go just as soon as my brother in law got there......

All ready to go and a HUGE bag of goodies to get us there, we get in the car and seat belts on..... Karl goes to move the seat back and says to me.... why isnt the seat going back? (it is electric so should just go back!).... i dont know, start the car and see if it works then! Yes you have guessed it the battery was DEAD...... so we try and jump start it... nothing happens! So we phone our brakedown service and they say they will be out in about an hour!!!! And an hour later the lovely little man turns up... have you come far i ask..... "no just the back of Glasswells" can you believe i sat in the shop for an hour wasting time waiting for him to get there from Glasswells!!!!!! So we finally got away at 1pm!!!! so much for our 10am etd!!!!! Finally got to the show to set up at 3pm!!! Thanks for all your help Karl, Auntie m, and Unlce L. I really couldn't do it without you

Anyway we are now staying at my Auntie m and Uncle L's house and doing the Make it show. We are having a really good show. I really enjoy this one, once i finally get here and set up. We have breakdown tomorrow evening and then the drive home! Can't say i am looking forward to that bit!!! (thanks for the Grid Wall Marion xxx)

So now you have an idea as to why it has been a while since my first post!!! I am SOOOO looking forward to getting back into the shop on Monday and an very early night on Monday night!!!

The spring workshop is just about full so if you are undecided, better make decide pretty quick..... it really will be a fab day. Our teaches are all really good fun, and some great projects coming your way!

Now i am off to fall into bed, really for another busy day tomorrow!
Have a great week
Amanda x

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Well Here Goes!!!!

So this is my FIRST official blog!!! I am such a tech biff that i really don't know what i am doing!!!

Just to let you know that the new class list is hopefully going to be available by the end of this week......

Those of you that know (or don't know), my parents have been away in sunny Florida for the past 8 weeks!!! Yes i did say 8 weeks..... they flew back in on Friday to our lovely cold snowy weather! So mum is back in the shop to help out. This frees me up to try and get myself sorted out. First thing is a trip to Essex tomorrow to see my fab friend Marion who is being an angel and lending me her Gridwall for a show i am doing at Farnborough in 2 weeks time..... Thanks Hun you are a star xxx.

Then Tomorrow afternoon/ evening i will be doing my best to try and get the class list out... so check back and it might be here...

I am also off to the UK trade show on Sunday, so really looking forward to seeing all the new and exciting bits and pieces on offer..... and hopefully lots of lovely new goodies for all of you!!!!

Ok that is it for the first post.... check back i will be adding i promise!!!!!