Saturday, 26 February 2011

Picture Updates

Finally got a couple of snapshots of items we posted about recently that I thought you might like to see.

First up is Kay's stunning handiwork from the Tim Holtz workshop.  I want, I want, I want the blue one LOL!

I was reminded of Chris who popped into the shop this week saying 'I want' I want' - she was talking about the Tim Holtz items she just HAD to have LOL!

But then again the more I look at this one the more I am liking it too!  And to think I'm not a fan of Tim Holtz - but these I really likey so who knows - I could be?  My daughter needs to see these - she is a fan of TH and would love to make something like this so a gift like this coming my way next Christmas might be rather cool.  Must send her a picture too :-)

Next up are a few shots of an upcoming class project.  This class is filling up fast so you'd best hurry if you still want on it.

It's aimed at beginners and experienced alike so we've kept it simple.  This is a card making kit.  I give these as gifts so I've been hoping for a chance to introduce you all to one - it's a great way to make your crafting pay so worth learning.  And better still you get to take a fun class and go home with a ready made gift - all for the one price!  Pretty neat huh?

The design is simple because there is soooooo much involved for a 2 hour class - trust me I know - I have been pre-cutting the chipboard shapes for you all.  But you won't get off that lightly.  We're working with those WOW glittered embossing powders so you'll need to die-cut your cardstock once we've glitzed it up.  Fun, fun, fun!

I often hear 'oh I didn't know we needed that' in class so girlies don't forget to bring your basic supplies along PLUS a dry embossing tool for lots of scoring (we'll provide the embossing heat guns) as well as some of that fabby red tape for boxes.  If you haven't yet discovered this stuff you simply MUST get yourself a reel for all those neat card kits you are gonna want to make and give after this class!



Monday, 21 February 2011

Putting on the Glitz!

Hi guys - Suezie checking in.  First up - gotta say I was lucky enough to see Kay's creations from her workshop with Tim Holtz up close and for real and they were lovely - the blue one was especially nice - gee I think it could even convert me LOL!  Just cos I'm not into Tim Holt's 'grunge' thang doesn't mean I can't appreciate many of you who are and the lovely things you spend hours creating.

I thought maybe since Kay had done a shout out for the next class page that I'd post a quick picture.  We get to put on the 'glitz' for the next couple of classes.  Told ya I was into that glittered embossing powder didn't I?

These are sooooo not my colours so I was surprised to be working with them but I'm really glad I did cos I like how it turned out.  After all I did choose them myself!  The papers are by BoBunny and from a series called Jazmyne which is part of their glittered range.  The accents are die-cut in chipboard and glitter embossed so we're gonna have lots of fun with this technique plus I added a few handstitched stems in at the last minute - sorry girls if you aren't keen on sewing but I liked the way it looked - it's not too much and it's by hand with pre-pierced holes so it should be just fine.

I've made a few other changes since this photo like the title frame being a bright glittered purple to make it 'pop' out off the page too - so much nicer than the one in the photo.  If I hadn't taken the page into the store already I'd have taken fresh snapshots of it - sorry.

The next class uses the same paper range and colour scheme plus the same chipboard style die-cut and glittered accents so don't worry if you can't make this one.  I'm using the same techniques across two classes even though the projects are completely different.  We will be making that handmade card kit I promised.  The sample for this is in store too if you'd like to see it and that class runs on 2 March.

Hope you can join us :-)


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Tim Holtz on the road, Julie Hickey Craftwork cards,does it get any better!

Hi all, Just had to tell you what a great day it was today,did my Tim Holtz on the road workshop,We did three canvases, the first 2 I liked ,but the 3rd one wasn't really my cup of tea and I didn't manage to get the last one finished so will do that on Monday. It rained all the way to Birmingham and all the way back John did all the driving bless him leaving Bury at 6am and not one moan. We are back to NEC tomorrow for the trade show so another early start! but I do love to see what is out there.
Suezie came into the shop this afternoon with Wed 2nd of March 's class all I can say it is not to be missed, so if you haven't booked don't miss the opportunity it's fabulous, you will be creating your own chipboard and glitter embellishments as well as making a gift for you to give to someone.
Don't forget all you craftwork card lovers Sat 5th of March 10am till 1pm Julie Hickey will be demoing in ytoc not to be missed.

take care,
kay x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Last Night's Class

Just stoppin by to say last night's class was a really good one.  Anyone remember I posted this picture a while back?  Oops!  This doesn't have the word 'Sweet' in the upper left corner (sorry old photo) - you'll just have to trust me it WAS sweet.

This as it turns out was a beautiful page - and NO - I'm not just saying that because I designed and created it either.  I'm not that vain (I hope LOL!)  It had to been seen up close and for real so it's in store for anyone who missed it and it looks great in a frame - never mind an album - this is one for the wall.

Next class date is 2nd March and will be a handmade card kit - the kind that's perfect for gift-giving.  I love to share the pleasure of making things with others so we get the joy of making up the kit with handmade envelopes, card blanks and liners as well as various elements and even home made embellishments.  The recipient gets to enjoy making them whether they're a card maker or not.  They'll be perfect for a beginner trust me - now would I lie? And all this wrapped up in a pretty handmade box too!  Hope some of you get to join us for that one. I'm excited already and I haven't even made my sample yet!

Beyond that I think we'll be looking at a page with Spring in mind (would be cool if those fabby papers from American Crafts are here by then) but for now I'm off to play with some chipboard and have fun creating something different.

Happy Crafting!


Oh and don't forget Rosina has a Saturday class coming up PLUS Julie Hickey in store on 5 March!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Some Weekend Crafting

Hi there, Suezie here.

Amanda and I hung out at the store this weekend - both days - and no we didn't camp there over night but we did get a good chance to catch up with each other as well as get some crafting samples done.  We needed to play with the embossing powders to make scrap book pages and 3D projects so I thought you might like to see a few we came up with.

First up Amanda used this fab stamp to create this stunning glittered page.  Thanks Sarah for the use of these ADORABLE photos of your daughter - so, so cute and those curls are precious. It's always a joy to work with pictures like these and Amanda did a beautiful job.  The touch of 'bling' adds even more sparkle to the page and I love it.  Note the swirl on the nesty die-cut scalloped circle accent - a really lovely touch.

Many of you might not think of stamping on scrap book pages let alone embossing but I urge you to take a fresh look, branch out and give it a go.  If you are unsure then take a close look at the flowers on both pages.  They were each stamped on a scrap of paper, embossed, cut out and then added to the page.  This allows you a bit more freedom too and is perfectly acceptable.  Both techniques work really well.  For a few more pictures you can check out my blog here.

Next up was one of my pages.  Some pretty red and black lady bugs and again a cute subject in my photos - my grand-daughter Maddycakes.  Like I say it's a joy when you have good photos.  My ladybugs are stamped directly on to the page but my flowers, leaves and lettering have all been stamped, embossed, then cut out and added.  Mostly because I'm not as confident at embossing as Amanda but like I say - both techniques work really well.

Between us we made up several items but I'll close with sharing a joint one with you.  We made up a basic box, decorated it with paper and some stunning glitter embossed die-cut accents (shame you can't see them up close and for real - sorry).  These were made using the WOW! Clear Sparkle embossing glitter and if this one doesn't convert you then nothing will.  This product will be featuring heavily in a future class just as soon as I can create a project for you all.  Spring is around the corner so I have my thinking cap on girlies LOL!

And I have been lucky enough to bring a pot home from the crafting weekend so I can have a play and create a few more samples so I guess maybe I should quit blogging and go get to it huh?



Friday, 11 February 2011

Paper Roses

I just had to stop in and thank Kay for taking such good care of me, making me a cuppa etc.  So glad I could amuse you Kay :-)  Between you guys at YTOC, Jess, my hubby and even MY MOTHER! -  I've had more 'mickey' taken out of me this week than the last two put together!  Just wait till all you guys get something I can laugh at LOL!

Anyhow I also stopped by to thank Kay for showing me how to make one of those fab roses (while she babysat me) this week and to share a couple of pictures as proof.

I love this photo of Kay looking so happy (and healthier - well done you for sticking to the diet, you're looking pretty good there Kay) doing what she loves - crafting.

Amy jumped in on the tutorial too and these were our finished roses.  Aren't they pretty?

And these were some I made later that evening at home.  You can check out how I made the leaves over at my blog here for a step by step picture tutorial.  I had so much fun with these.  It feels so good to be crafting again - even if I do still lean to the left LOL! 

I for one am excited at seeing Julie Hickey.  I met her at a workshop last year and she is so nice and friendly.  I hope I can make it to YTOC on 5th March!



Thursday, 10 February 2011

countdown to Julie Hickey

Hope you have all got the 5th of March (sat)marked in your diaries. can't wait to see what she is demoing. She will be in the shop from 10am showing us all the great card ideas that she has. All you ladies that are lucky enough to be doing the workshop (and I am not one )boo hoo, it starts at 2pm bring your own tools and yourselves and we.ll do the rest

We had a lovely visit with Suezie today , her daughter Jessica is staying with her and they came into ytoc. Jessica left her mum in our capable hands! while she popped into town as they couldn't keep going left!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry Suezie we are not laughing at you but with you, because Suezie has a balance problem at the mo and only wants to go left. But we had a good gossip and made paper roses. It doesn't take much to keep us amused.
Don't forget class on Wed 16th we are making a lovely scrapbook page,there are still a couple of spaces left so if you want to come give us a call.
well bye for now look after yourselves.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Saturday Class

Hi folks!  Wanted to quickly post the project from Rosina's class this last Saturday.  These classes are proving to be very popular and it's not hard to see why.

 The project for class was this mini fold out photo album in a lovely colour combo of blue and green florals.

It unfolds to reveal several sections for photos and then each section opens out revealing even more space.  Pop in some cute photos and add a bit of journaling and a few extra embellishments and you have the perfect gift for capturing memories of a special even or trip. 

How cute would these be made up for your bridesmaids to remember the day or for each of the kids to keep their favourite vacation snapshots in?

Hope those of you who were there enjoyed tis class - I know Rosina sure enjoys teaching them!



Saturday, 5 February 2011

They're Coming!

Girls there are some ab fab papers comin soon to a store near you!  I already have a scrapbook page layout rolling around in my head after looking at these so I for one can't wait.  I'm desperate to do a page, or a card, or a project - something.  Just as soon as I can stand long enough I'm there.

Apologies that my little birdies are the wrong way round - amazing how you can take a photo, play with it, upload it and still not notice it's all going in the wrong direction LOL!  Sorry.

These fab papers are from American Crafts and a range called 'city parks'.  I'm not sure when they're due in exactly but the birdies would be super cute for Easter and Spring.  This range features a wonderful 'raspberry' colour and a pretty almost 'duck egg' blue as well as kinda 'mustard' yellow and 'lime' green.  There are some lovely colour combinations in this range and some lovely patterns too like hot air balloons, big bold blooms, birdies and funky circles (which would make funky flowers all on their own) plus spots, stripes, checks - just about everything you'd want - even a bit of stitch embossing on the lime green too.

This is my favourite pick for a scrapbook page and I think maybe it'll have to be a class page girls.  If I could've whipped these papers away with me yesterday I would have.  Amanda I'll have a couple of sheets of each of these designs on order if you please - one set for me and one for a class page.  I can't wait!



More Make 'n' Takes from CHA

Well as promised I'm back with more lovely pictures of Amanda's make 'n' takes from CHA and this first one's so stinkin' cute!

5. Aren't these colours just yummy?  Kinda reminds me of ice cream - mmmmm, mint choc chip, vanilla, strawberry and even a bit of raspberry ripple - all those colours are in there and they work beautifully together.  Amanda must've had so much fun with all these mini workshops.

And maybe a  feature shot showing that cute little saying.  I love the tree.

6. This one's a little pocket card held together with a 'belly band'.  Was it a border punch or a die Amanda? 

As yet I don't have any of the Nesty lacey dies that cut 'loops' or better still those lovely new 'beaded' ones - how neat are they!  You know the ones that are flying off the shelf.  They're on my wish lish :-).  They make such a difference don't they -  and all in one swift cut of the die too - could crafting get any better?  Oh I bet there are some fab things coming soon.  Anyone getting excited yet? (besides me that is LOL!)

This shot shows the inside with a really cute saying - "a cup of tea to say THANK YOU for all the things you've done and wish that the day will bring you Happiness & Fun!" and a pocket to tuck your T-bag into.  This kind of project is perfect for sending to a long distance friend or just for keeping in touch.

7. And I've saved the best for last girlies!  Would ya look at this beautiful rose pin.  The paper in this project makes all the difference and how cute to add a wee bug - love it!  It's simply amazing the things you can make when you manipulate a scrap of paper. 

I have yet to make a rolled rose despite drooling over them and Rosina and Kay have been making some absolutely stunning roses in store.  Maybe I should've just put a box full of them on my wish list huh?

Well did you guess my favourites?  I pick #4 - waving daisy card and #7 - rose brooch.  We'd love to hear which ones you liked best so post us a comment.  Who knows maybe I can talk Amanda into parting with one in a random draw.  Would ya like that?   

Let me know and maybe I can have a word with her for ya :-)

Next post is some yummy papers that are coming this way.



Catching Up

Today I stopped in at YTOC to catch up with Amanda and the girlies - seems like ages since I last saw everyone and as we know Amanda has been to CHA in America and back since then.  There was so much to catch up on so be warned there are lots of lovely piccies in this post :-)

First up I took photos of some of the lovely  make 'n' takes Amanda made while she was there.  I love make 'n' takes don't you?  I have at least 2 favourites from this group - can you tell which ones they are I wonder?  Oh but I have more favourites to come later too.

1. The first I'm sharing is a pretty scrapbook page full of butterflies, butterflies and even more butterflies!  I kinda think Amanda should add some of those fabulous stamped and embossed butterflies she has been making to this page - wouldn't they just look adorable in pink or blue glittered powder with 3D wings?  And that pretty scalloped edge is a new border punch - am so loving that one and I wasn't the only one who admired it either.

 2. This next one is a calendar birthday pocket which is such a neat idea.

And this shot shows the calendar pulled out - this looks like it was nice and easy to make but so effective.  I love the bright colours in this project too.

3. And how cute is this little house!  Isn't it just adorable?  I just love those roof shingles and that deep vintage red colour as well - such a lovely shade of red.

Thought maybe I'd share a close up shot of the details as well.

4. I loved EVERYTHING about this card, clean, simple, great colours, polka dots, giant scallop and pretty papers and just wait until you see what happens when you pull on the daisy's stem girls!

Up pops a daisy!  Isn't this just the cutest flower card?  And if you pull it back and forth the daisy kinda waves at you - so, so sweet!  This die is coming but you might have to be patient - NOT one of my strong points LOL.

I have several more photos to share - GOSH just how many make 'n' takes did Amanda do?  I'll save some for tomorrow so check back.  As today was my first trip out and about and a real struggle thanks to this 'oopsy daisy' virus - get it 'daisy' - well it made me smile anyhow; I am suddenly all tuckered out this evening so I'm turning in for an early night.  Rest is supposed to be helpful for Labyrinthitis apparently.  Blog posting will just have to wait until another day but I will tomorrow - promise :-)  I have things to post on my own blog too (thanks Kay & Amanda) plus I have Rosina's Saturday class item to post as well as a trip to Northampton and back to collect my daughter and bring her home for the week.

So in the words of Arnie - 'I'll be back!' (and with lots more piccies)