Thursday, 10 February 2011

countdown to Julie Hickey

Hope you have all got the 5th of March (sat)marked in your diaries. can't wait to see what she is demoing. She will be in the shop from 10am showing us all the great card ideas that she has. All you ladies that are lucky enough to be doing the workshop (and I am not one )boo hoo, it starts at 2pm bring your own tools and yourselves and we.ll do the rest

We had a lovely visit with Suezie today , her daughter Jessica is staying with her and they came into ytoc. Jessica left her mum in our capable hands! while she popped into town as they couldn't keep going left!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry Suezie we are not laughing at you but with you, because Suezie has a balance problem at the mo and only wants to go left. But we had a good gossip and made paper roses. It doesn't take much to keep us amused.
Don't forget class on Wed 16th we are making a lovely scrapbook page,there are still a couple of spaces left so if you want to come give us a call.
well bye for now look after yourselves.

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  1. I am booked in for the workshop but as I'm coming over from France I cannot bring any tools, certainly nothing sharp! Will I be able to borrow some? I have never done a workshop or even a class as there are none here, so I don't know what I would need to bring with me??I'm SO looking forward it it!
    Donna Dickson x