Monday, 14 February 2011

Some Weekend Crafting

Hi there, Suezie here.

Amanda and I hung out at the store this weekend - both days - and no we didn't camp there over night but we did get a good chance to catch up with each other as well as get some crafting samples done.  We needed to play with the embossing powders to make scrap book pages and 3D projects so I thought you might like to see a few we came up with.

First up Amanda used this fab stamp to create this stunning glittered page.  Thanks Sarah for the use of these ADORABLE photos of your daughter - so, so cute and those curls are precious. It's always a joy to work with pictures like these and Amanda did a beautiful job.  The touch of 'bling' adds even more sparkle to the page and I love it.  Note the swirl on the nesty die-cut scalloped circle accent - a really lovely touch.

Many of you might not think of stamping on scrap book pages let alone embossing but I urge you to take a fresh look, branch out and give it a go.  If you are unsure then take a close look at the flowers on both pages.  They were each stamped on a scrap of paper, embossed, cut out and then added to the page.  This allows you a bit more freedom too and is perfectly acceptable.  Both techniques work really well.  For a few more pictures you can check out my blog here.

Next up was one of my pages.  Some pretty red and black lady bugs and again a cute subject in my photos - my grand-daughter Maddycakes.  Like I say it's a joy when you have good photos.  My ladybugs are stamped directly on to the page but my flowers, leaves and lettering have all been stamped, embossed, then cut out and added.  Mostly because I'm not as confident at embossing as Amanda but like I say - both techniques work really well.

Between us we made up several items but I'll close with sharing a joint one with you.  We made up a basic box, decorated it with paper and some stunning glitter embossed die-cut accents (shame you can't see them up close and for real - sorry).  These were made using the WOW! Clear Sparkle embossing glitter and if this one doesn't convert you then nothing will.  This product will be featuring heavily in a future class just as soon as I can create a project for you all.  Spring is around the corner so I have my thinking cap on girlies LOL!

And I have been lucky enough to bring a pot home from the crafting weekend so I can have a play and create a few more samples so I guess maybe I should quit blogging and go get to it huh?



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