Saturday, 5 February 2011

Catching Up

Today I stopped in at YTOC to catch up with Amanda and the girlies - seems like ages since I last saw everyone and as we know Amanda has been to CHA in America and back since then.  There was so much to catch up on so be warned there are lots of lovely piccies in this post :-)

First up I took photos of some of the lovely  make 'n' takes Amanda made while she was there.  I love make 'n' takes don't you?  I have at least 2 favourites from this group - can you tell which ones they are I wonder?  Oh but I have more favourites to come later too.

1. The first I'm sharing is a pretty scrapbook page full of butterflies, butterflies and even more butterflies!  I kinda think Amanda should add some of those fabulous stamped and embossed butterflies she has been making to this page - wouldn't they just look adorable in pink or blue glittered powder with 3D wings?  And that pretty scalloped edge is a new border punch - am so loving that one and I wasn't the only one who admired it either.

 2. This next one is a calendar birthday pocket which is such a neat idea.

And this shot shows the calendar pulled out - this looks like it was nice and easy to make but so effective.  I love the bright colours in this project too.

3. And how cute is this little house!  Isn't it just adorable?  I just love those roof shingles and that deep vintage red colour as well - such a lovely shade of red.

Thought maybe I'd share a close up shot of the details as well.

4. I loved EVERYTHING about this card, clean, simple, great colours, polka dots, giant scallop and pretty papers and just wait until you see what happens when you pull on the daisy's stem girls!

Up pops a daisy!  Isn't this just the cutest flower card?  And if you pull it back and forth the daisy kinda waves at you - so, so sweet!  This die is coming but you might have to be patient - NOT one of my strong points LOL.

I have several more photos to share - GOSH just how many make 'n' takes did Amanda do?  I'll save some for tomorrow so check back.  As today was my first trip out and about and a real struggle thanks to this 'oopsy daisy' virus - get it 'daisy' - well it made me smile anyhow; I am suddenly all tuckered out this evening so I'm turning in for an early night.  Rest is supposed to be helpful for Labyrinthitis apparently.  Blog posting will just have to wait until another day but I will tomorrow - promise :-)  I have things to post on my own blog too (thanks Kay & Amanda) plus I have Rosina's Saturday class item to post as well as a trip to Northampton and back to collect my daughter and bring her home for the week.

So in the words of Arnie - 'I'll be back!' (and with lots more piccies)



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