Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Yes i know it has been FOREVER since i blogged... but you know me busy busy busy!!!!

This is just a really quick blog to let you all know that we are just about finished arranging all the details for Donna Downey's Visit in April.... Watch this space and the shops for info. We hope to have it all confirmed in the first week of Jan. In the mean time if you haven't already done so, get your name on the list with your e-mail address so that we can contact you will the info.

01284 761222

Happy New Year to you all
Amanda, Kay, John and Rosina xx

Thursday, 1 October 2009

2nd Sneak Peak!

Well life has been manic as ever. We have been madly working behind the scene trying to get the new shop ready to go.....

We have also had more of our CHA stuff in and the rest is on the way..... can't wait for it! Some of the stamps are in, the ribbon and buttons arrived today and the rest will be here by the middle of next week.....
We have started to move the shop around in preparation for all the new stock.... i have NO idea where we are going to put it!!!

In the meantime here is the next sneak peak for the Autumn workshop.....

Ok, off to sort out buttons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take care
Amanda x

Monday, 28 September 2009

First sneak peak!

Yes, here it is the first of our Autumn Workshop sneak peaks!

Suezie Howard's Christmas Home Decor Project.

Keep watching this space for more coming later this week!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hampton Art Stamps

We finally managed to get the Hampton Art Stamps out today..... they are lovely. Can you believe that the forgot to send me the Show special stuff with it!!!!!! They were lovely and i was really looking forward to getting them..... hey ho, they have to pay to send them now!

We are expecting the rest of the stuff from CHA in the first week of next month...... so much i have no idea where i am gonna put it all!

In the meantime, we have a Demo on Saturday 26th September 10 - 4pm with Dawn Inskip. She will be demoing the 2 new BoBunny Christmas Ranges..... Looking forward to her coming, it seem that it is the only time we get to catch up at the moment.

It looks like Donna Downey will be teaching for us the weekend of 23rd - 25th April 2010. As i am sure you can imagine, this will get booked up very very fast, so those of you that would like to come on her class please get your name down asap. We will be taking names and when a venue and final price has been confirmed we will require a non-refundable deposit to hold your place. Rosina and i attended one of her classes when we were out at CHA as it was one of the best classes i have ever done. I loved it, she is so much fun and makes everything she does fun.

We are also looking at having Suzy from My Little Shoebox come and teach as well! This next 6 months will be manic! (more than usual!).

We are getting sorted out for the Autumn workshop and the sneak peeks will be on here in the next few weeks. We have 4 more places left on the workshop so if you fancy coming along let me know asap.

OK I should be ordering the stands for the new shop so keep smiling and pop in and see the new stuff when you are passing!

See you soon
Amanda x

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Only Me!

Just to let you know that we have finally started to get the new stuff in from CHA. Decided to use a new shipping company. They have been really good but things take time to work out and sort out at both ends so things have taken a little longer that i thought. Anyway, we have the new My Little Shoebox in and some Cosmo Cricket and SEI and Making Memories and lots more that i can't remember!!! and lots more to come. The next to come will be Hampton Art Stamps, and some fab acrylic and chipboard albums......

We have a new member joining our team. Jo starts work with us on 14th September. She will be at Norwich, Monday Wednesday and Saturday and the odd Sunday to begin with.

We open the 3rd Shop in a few weeks time so everything is very busy with that. Trying to get everyone where they need to be!

We have a Demo day on Saturday 26th September 10am - 4pm with Dawn Inskip. She will be demoing the new Bo Bunny Christmas Ranges and some lovely stamps. Suezie is also still doing her demo's the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. This Saturday we are showing you what the Bigshot is all about and how the nestabilities work so that will be good fun.

We have got a lot of the classes booked in now. I was supposed to be putting the list on here, but i am at the Norwich Shop today and i forgot to bring the Diary from Bury so that will have to wait!

We have the Autumn Workshop n Sunday 11th Oct 2009. We are almost full so if you are undecided..... be quick! We sat down this week and decided on the classes and papers so we are quite excited now. I just have the headache of getting it all together!!!!

OK i had been go and get some more work done.

See you soon
Amanda x

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

New Stock......

Hello All.... check me out posting this many times in a matter of days not months!!!!

Well just wanted to let you all know that the new stock is starting to arrive. We have a load of the Martha Stewart Punches in and MLS and Hampton Art Stamps are in the air as we speak!!!!.

New Class list will be published in the next few weeks so keep an eye out on here!

Loads going on and coming in.

See you soon.
Amanda xx

Thursday, 13 August 2009


To quash all rumour..... we are not closing the Norwich shop!!!!!!!

I am looking for staff if that helps!!!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Some Picture......

Well i just thought i would let you see some of the pics we took at the show and throughout the week......Hope you enjoy them!

So get the worst one out the way..... but the chairs were really good...... marion was on jiggle mode at this point!!!!

This is a pic of the first ever aligator i have ever seen in the wild!!!!! I made Marion get out and take this pic!!!

Check out all these ribbons...... ribbon heaven!!!!

This was fat free cupcakes...... they were made out of Ribbons!!!!

And Fat Free Chocs!!!!

And this was part of the Doodlebug stand.... i have to say that this is prob one of the best stands at the show..... very bright and fun.

OK the rest of the pics i have are of some of the stuff we have coming in so you will have to wait for the sneak peaks!!!!!

Have Fun

Manda xx

Monday, 10 August 2009

Part 3...... Donna Downey Class and more!

So Sunday saw the first of our classes for the week. So we were up and about early. Marion and Rosina enjoyed a swim and some sun while i ran around getting pics printed as the printer i have in America didn't like my Laptop very much!!!!

So when i get back we decide to go for breakfast at Bob Evans and then head over to Angela's shop for our class with Donna......and what a fab class it was..... so different to anything i normally do but soooooo much fun... although i still haven't managed to finish mine yet!

The class was supposed to be 5 hours but we were there more like 6 hours +! It really was great and we have all the bits and pieces coming in for you all to have a go yourselves!

So after the class we decided to finish off a lovely day with a lovely meal..... so we headed to the Cheesecake factory for Dinner...... i see a food thing going on here!!!! lol

We Decided on the Monday that we would have a few hours by the pool then do a little bit more shopping and if we had time a manicure and pedicure..... which was lovely, but they said it would be about 45 mins and 2 and a half hours later we walked out! We went to my fav restaurant ..... Lone Star steak house for dinner and then home to bed as we had a very early start in the morning for class and the first day of the show..... the reason we were there!!!
More to follow in the next post!!!!

So we were in Florida!!!

Ok so we have arrived and because of the time difference we are all up and about at 4.30am but all waited to show face until about 6am!!!!
We were in the pool by 7.30am!

So after a swim we decide what the day ahead would bring. So we head to Florida Mall for a little retail practice, and lunch them Michaels and Joann's for some craft shopping! Then Dinner and home....

Saturday i had a few bead places i had to visit (a few new bits in the shop for you to look at (and buy!!)). And we checked in with Angela to make sure we had everything for Donna's class on Sunday. We then popped to Celebration for a wander around and Dinner..... We decided to have a salad for dinner and ended up in a fish restaurant!!! But we did have salad!

Then Marion and Rosina decided that it would be rude not to have desert so Marion had Key lime pie and Rosina had Strawberry shortcake!

So after a lovely dinner we head home..... just after we unload the car (god knows where we thought we were gonna pack everything and it is only the second day!) a massive electric storm hit and was with us for about 3 hours!!!!

More to come in the next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes i know it has been a VERY long time since i last did a post on here but when you read this you will see why!!!

So here goes and with pictures as well...... Thanks Marion!

OK Thursday the 23rd July saw Rosina and myself head down to Gatwick airport to meet up with Marion and Fly out to Florida to the big trade show.... CHA here we come.

Rosina and i got to the airport before Marion, so we checked in and had the checkin lady hold the seat next to us in Premium economy....

When a very nervous Marion arrived at the airport she checked in and said her good bye's to Ricky.
So off we go... i wasn't sure that Florida was ready for us but we were on our way....

We go through security and Rosina and i were through no problems.... but Marion was stopped for a body search.... ok that out the way we here a voice say "who's bag is this?" yep..... it was Marions...... so bag searched... body searched and then round the corner and we ALL had to take our shoes off and they were xrayed again...... ok thoroughy searched..... (was begining to think Marion was gonna get pulled for a strip search.... cos they had just about everything off her!)

Ok We are through and now time to eat and shop.... what more can a girl ask for.

We decided that as we were traveling nicely we would check into the lounge and enjoy a bit of pampering so we went to the lounge first to eat and get the energy to shop....

Bacon buttie and orange juice for Marion and myself and Rosina had Smoked Salmon...... very nice it was to...

Then we went off to shop and i think i thought i would have a lot of time on my hands cos i bought 5 books! And some dime bars! Priorities!!!!!

So we finish the shopping and head back to the lounge for the final hour..... another drink and a pastry to keep us going until we got on the plane.....

Then we head down to the Gate...... Marion went all quiet again (those of you who know Marion will understand why it was a surprise that she was Quiet...... but she really doesn't like flying).

Get to the gate and Marion hands over her ticket....a Red light came up and Marion said "oh no now what... is there a problem?" No madam you have been upgraded..... and can you believe that she was gonna turn it down... she asked for her seat back in Premium with us. After a little persuading she excepted the upgrade and i think she is glad she did.

So after a slightly delayed flight (an hour) we are off...... 8 hrs 35 mins later we are in a very warm Florida and a Thunder storm hits the Airport. We get our luggage and go through farmers and fisheries... (they ask if we have food!!!!!!) then Marion and Rosina hand over the cases again as in Orlando you have to get on a tram over to the terminal and you can hand your bags in and they bring them over for you..... What we didn't realise was that because of the Thunder storm it would be over an hour before the cases were brought over as the transport was metal it couldn't be used in a storm!!!

So we finally get the car and head home.... 8.30pm (1.30am your time) we arrive at home sweet home. We are lucky enough to own our own home in Orlando so it really is home for me. (Pic taken on a previous trip!)

So we were there....... the rest to follow.........(easier to do it in stages with pics!).

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Yes i am still here!!!

Hello All...... first of all let me tell you all that we have finally confirmed the date of the Autumn Workshop. It is Sunday 11th Oct........ same time and same place. Further information to follow, but it will be the 4 classes, goody bag and a make 'n' take.....i am pleased the date is set and now Sara (if you are still up for it!?) and i can get going on getting it all sorted out.

I am off to the Largest Trade show in Florida at the end of July. Marion (from Sugar and Spice) and me are going to Florida..... mum said she didn't think Florida was ready for us so now Rosina might come as well..... i am sure we will have a great time as well as finding lots of new goodies for all the shops.

Very excited that shops 3 and 4 may very well be on there way.... just a few strings to tie up before we go completely public..... but i am very excited about them.

Life as usual is very busy in the Fletcher house hold. We did the Newmarket Bead Fair on Sunday. The organisers moved my stand this time and it was really odd not being where i am used to being!!!! I am not sure if i was moved cos they told me off last time or just cos they needed the room.....but i have asked to be in a different place next time.... i felt like i didn't belong where i was.... not nice at all. As it was Fathers Day, i gave dad the day off, Mum worked at the Norwich Shop and Rosemary very kindly offered to help me out at the show. She was great and i couldn't have done it with out her.... THANK YOU VERY MUCH you are a star.

We had had a manic week the week before the show as we had 4 classes in total, 3 of which were taught by my mum..... i really don't know how we got through it but we did. Then when we got back on Sunday we had some of my dad's family over to stay for a few days.... it was lovely to see them but as we were all very very tired we really couldn't give them what we really should have but i hope they understand.

Life carrys on.... we are all knackered but still smiling..... and i am thinking of taking on more shops............ i must be mad but i love it.

Not much else to tell you. All of those of you that are looking to come on the workshop..... the Spring one was a great success and everyone loved it. The places are limited and it is filling up quick so come in and get your name on the list.

OK, i am going to turn my Computer off now!!!!!!!!!!!! No really i am!!!!!!!!!

See you all soon
Manda xx

Thursday, 4 June 2009

From Florida

Hello All from sunny Florida (well not so sunny today!)

As every a day in the life of all at YTC and Beads and Bears is always busy. I have the mamouth task of trying to pack all the lovely goodies i have bought! Not much papercrafts this time i am afraid, (that is the next trip in July!). This was (is) a big bead buying trip, and my goodness have i spent out this time!!! Judith..... you will pleased to know that your large silver beads (Should) be here today! talk about cutting it fine hey! I will have the new stuff in the shop by Monday. I fly home tomorrow and land Saturday late morning, and those of you that know me, know i am not a very nice person without sleep, and i HATE the night flight home. I am not sure if that is because i am going home and i LOVE it here in sunny Florida or if it is because it is a night flight! I think a little bit of both really.

There are a few things that i miss about home..... my bed is one of them. I think the beds here are really hard and i normally have a bad back (but that could be all the shopping as well) anyway, as i am here on my own this time i am in the master bedroom downstairs in our house. So i hatched a plan..... i am the original Princess and the Pea girl! I have brought a matress down from one of the other bedrooms and put it on top of the HUGE matress down stairs. I have to climb onto the bed and then get on the other matress. The bed is about 4 ft high!!! It is quite funny. If i get clever i will post a picture on here for you..... but me and technology are not the best of friends!

I had a small problem with the hire car as well...... The brakes were not working properly (just a little problem then!) and in the middle of a rain storm yesterday..... the wiper blades stopped working...... Fab i thought now what do i do!

Well i took the car back and i really lucked in! I had already received a free upgrade on the original car and then they decided to give me a bigger upgrade and i got a premium car for the price of an economy! Bargin!!!! lol

The healthy eating has go out the window...... i have had Vanilla cake for breakfast almost every day!

OK This is not getting the packing done...... See you all on Monday.

Amanda x

Friday, 15 May 2009

I am still here!!!!

OK this one is for you mum!!!!

My mum has been nagging me to get on here and tell you what has been going on!

And you know when so much is happening you forget what has just happened...... well that is were we are at at the moment.

Life at YTC and All About Beads & Bears is always busy. I have to say it is getting hard to keep on top of the stock at both shops.... they Bury shop is getting busier and busier (for which i am not complaining one little bit!) and we are really pleased with how the Norwich shop has picked up.

Oh while i remember..... those of you that attended the Spring Workshop that Sara and i did back at the end of March, will (I hope) be pleased to know that we are planning on doing another one in September. We are looking at 13th September at the moment so pencil that date in and we will confirm just as soon as the venues confirms with us. It will be a similar layout as the spring one but we promise to put in a few more loo breaks for those of you that requested it! haha.... see we did read the comments forms you all filled in!

It will be 4 classes and lunch again, and if we have time at the end we will do the mini make n take. Oh and of course a little goody bag for fun.

In the mean time..... life Carry's on at both shops. Suezie is Demoing in Bury the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 9.30am - 1pm (ish). This weekend is some lovely summer papers and nestabilities i believe. I leave that all to Suezie to deal with on my behalf.... Thanks Suezie.

We also had Mum's birthday this last week so we had a lovely family dinner on Monday (her Birthday) and then on Tuesday a few of us got together at the shop and did our own thing. I had a little go at the pop out dies from ellisons and i was really please with just how easy they are. I also got to make my own mini book that everyone made on the spring workshop.

It was a really fun evening and we all had a really good laugh..... particularly at the thought of Rosina and Brian in Ibiza. Rosina is going to go clubbing in the foam and win a wet t-shirt comp.... looking forward to seeing that scrapbook with that in!!!! You go girl!!!!! hahaha

Anyway, for those of you that were booked on Annie's Scrapbook class last Thursday, i am very sorry that it had to be cancelled but poor Annie has a chest infection and Pleurisy. (spelling a bit off i think!!!). The whole family has been very under the weather this week so i am hoping they are feeling a little better. Get well soon xx.

We will of course let you know when we are rescheduling Annie back. She was planning on doing a lovely Mini book with the bind it all. Just keep an eye out for the new date.

Suezie has a papercraft class on Wednesday evening. If you pop into the shop tomorrow (Saturday) i am hoping she will have the sample so you can see what it is. We have a couple of places left on the class so if you want to join us let them know in the shop. They will put you on the list!!!!

Ok i am off to carry on with my blog about our house in Florida now. Anyone looking to go out to Sunny Orlando.... check it out! (when i finally get it finished!!!) www.afloridavilla.blogspot.com

See you all soon
Manda, Kay and Rosina x

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No i Hadn't forgotten i had started a blog!!!!!

As ever life at Your Touch of Craft has been manic.....

We Did the Workshop which i have told you about and that was a great success. The week before the workshop i got the keys for our second shop in Taverham in Norwich. So we had to decorate, put new floor down and a new ceiling up..... no end to my talents you know!

Then the following Sunday we had the Thetford Papercraft show on the Sunday, which was a really nice day and very very busy, so we were all shattered. My Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law were at the new shop putting the slatwall up while mum, myself and Suezie did the show. (no rest in my family..... Sunday is get it done day!).

We then had 4 days to get the shop stocked and ready for opening Good Friday. We were still hanging beads on the Friday but we did get in and open. We can only sell Beads and Teddy bears over there at the moment, but i am trying to get the papercrafts over there as well! Watch this space as they say.

In the middle of all that we are still running the classes at both shops and they are going really well. Suezie has had some lovely ideas with some of the new stuff we are getting in every day!!!

Suezie is demoing for me the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 9.30 - 1ish. So if you are in town pop in and say hello and see what she is doing.

That said, this Saturday is our 1 year anniversary in the Risbygate Street shop..... where does time go. So we have Dawn Inskip of Bramwells coming to demo the new K&Co Wild Raspberry range. We have put the bit and pieces out in the shop now and they are selling really fast..... Dawn does some lovely things to please pop in and have a cake with us and see what she is doing.

We are also finally launching our Loyalty Card on Saturday so now you can get something from us for spending your pennies with us.......

Ok I am off to carry on putting the stock for the Norwich Shop on the computer now..... i can't keep putting it off!

Take Care

Monday, 30 March 2009

We did it!

Yes the Spring Workshop was on Sunday and it was a success! Four fantastic classes taught by three awesome teachers - Annie, Anna and Suezie.
Here are a few peaks of the day..................

If you were there - thank you! We really hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did, we have read all your comments and taken everything on board that you have said.
As soon as we have got a date for the next workshop we will let you know and hope you will be able to make it.

Spring Workshop

Well i thought it was time that i added a few bits to this.... Sara has done a sterling job of getting the sneak peeks on here for the Spring Workshop, thanks Sara!

I was hoping to be able to attach some pics from the day on here but i think i will have to ask Sara again!!!! This is a new Laptop and i can never find where anything saves.... i think it is in one place and then i go to find it, and it is no where to be seen!

Anyway, i think everyone enjoyed the day. It was hard work for Sara and i, and although we were shattered when we were finished we did go home with a smile on our faces. We had some lovely compliments which gave us a great boost.

Thanks to all the Teachers (Suezie, Annie and Anna) everyone had great projects to do, and i think everyone got everything finish, ready to show off when they got home. Thank you ladies, you all did a lovely job.

The room looked lovely once we got everything set up. Sara spent ages do all the decs for the day and it was so worth it.... well done you.

The only thing we could have done better was the baking of the cookies...... they were just a little (very little) over done, but if that is the worst that happened i think the girls did good!!!!!!!

Anyway, on to other things.... for those of you that don't know, we open the new shop in Taverham on Good Friday so life here is manic. Myself, my dad and my brother in law took the old ceiling down, put a new one up and laid half a laminate floor on Friday. I have to say that i found muscles i didn't know i had by Saturday morning!!!! I am sure all the stress will be worth it on the day!!!!

OK i am off now to get the last of the orders done for the new shop.

Take Care

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Last sneak

This is the last of Sunday's classes - how gorgeous does this look? It is a mini book by Annie

See you Sunday

Sara x

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sneal Peak number 3!

This is from our teacher Suezie Howard
Don't you just love the colours!
Only a week to go, I hope you have all received your letter with class information, tool list and directions.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sneak peak 2!

Here is Annie's layout sneak peak...............

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Spring Workshop

First sneak peak of one of our classes and we hope you will agree it is gorgeous!
Anna Bowkis: Spring Wreath:

so if you haven't already booked yourself a place, phone and book now, details are here!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Make It!!

Well i know it has been a while since my first post......... but once you have read this you will see why!!!

My fab help in the shop (know as Mum and dad) have both been really really poorly. Having returned from an 8 week trip to Florida they have both had Chest infections since they got back. And those of you who know me personally will know how much they help me out in the shop. So a HUGE Thank You to Rosina for helping me out greatly (as allways) once again, and helping keep the shop going! Couldnt do it without you. That said.... Last sunday saw the start of the long awaited UK Trade Show - Stitches. I was taking Mum and Dad with me but mum was just to poorly to come ( so you know just how bad she was!).... So early Sunday moring saw dad and myself get in the car and head to sunny Birmingham!!!! We got there at 10am and we were on our way back by 2.00pm!!! So as you can see it was not fab, but we were both worried about Mum so headed back to see how she was.

Monday saw an even earlier start for me. I picked Suezie up at 6.45am and Rosina at 7am!!! And i am really not a morning Person!!!!!!! Got to Birmingham at 9am. I have to say that Monday was a much more productive day!!! Wait until you see what we have coming in..... There is some lovely stuff. Not so sure my Bank manager will think that!!!! anyway it was a really really long day and i finally walked in at just after 9pm!!! Thank god we have lots to talk about between us..... as it kept me awake to drive home.

Then Tuesday saw me and Dad back in Birmingham. We bought the contents of the Beadsmith stand..... all you beaders will love it!

So this saw us back at the shop by 8pm on Tuesday night. There the Acrilic book workshop was already underway. Most people seemed to be loving the workshop but most were also suffering with some illness or other!!! Anyway everyone had fun and i will get some pics on here (just as soon as i workout how to do it!).

Wednesday saw me running around like a headless chicken trying to get sorted out for departure on Thursday for the Make it show! (i am the first to admit i am not a very nice person to be around when getting ready for a show!). So i finally got home at just after 10.30pm and had been on the go since 6am!

So Thursday saw D Day and we were off to the Make it Show at Farnborough..... well so we thought! Myself and dad decided that if we got up early and loaded the trailer first thing that we could leave the car and trailer outside the shop with the hazard lights on and be ready to go just as soon as my brother in law got there......

All ready to go and a HUGE bag of goodies to get us there, we get in the car and seat belts on..... Karl goes to move the seat back and says to me.... why isnt the seat going back? (it is electric so should just go back!).... i dont know, start the car and see if it works then! Yes you have guessed it the battery was DEAD...... so we try and jump start it... nothing happens! So we phone our brakedown service and they say they will be out in about an hour!!!! And an hour later the lovely little man turns up... have you come far i ask..... "no just the back of Glasswells" can you believe i sat in the shop for an hour wasting time waiting for him to get there from Glasswells!!!!!! So we finally got away at 1pm!!!! so much for our 10am etd!!!!! Finally got to the show to set up at 3pm!!! Thanks for all your help Karl, Auntie m, and Unlce L. I really couldn't do it without you

Anyway we are now staying at my Auntie m and Uncle L's house and doing the Make it show. We are having a really good show. I really enjoy this one, once i finally get here and set up. We have breakdown tomorrow evening and then the drive home! Can't say i am looking forward to that bit!!! (thanks for the Grid Wall Marion xxx)

So now you have an idea as to why it has been a while since my first post!!! I am SOOOO looking forward to getting back into the shop on Monday and an very early night on Monday night!!!

The spring workshop is just about full so if you are undecided, better make decide pretty quick..... it really will be a fab day. Our teaches are all really good fun, and some great projects coming your way!

Now i am off to fall into bed, really for another busy day tomorrow!
Have a great week
Amanda x

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Well Here Goes!!!!

So this is my FIRST official blog!!! I am such a tech biff that i really don't know what i am doing!!!

Just to let you know that the new class list is hopefully going to be available by the end of this week......

Those of you that know (or don't know), my parents have been away in sunny Florida for the past 8 weeks!!! Yes i did say 8 weeks..... they flew back in on Friday to our lovely cold snowy weather! So mum is back in the shop to help out. This frees me up to try and get myself sorted out. First thing is a trip to Essex tomorrow to see my fab friend Marion who is being an angel and lending me her Gridwall for a show i am doing at Farnborough in 2 weeks time..... Thanks Hun you are a star xxx.

Then Tomorrow afternoon/ evening i will be doing my best to try and get the class list out... so check back and it might be here...

I am also off to the UK trade show on Sunday, so really looking forward to seeing all the new and exciting bits and pieces on offer..... and hopefully lots of lovely new goodies for all of you!!!!

Ok that is it for the first post.... check back i will be adding i promise!!!!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Spring Workshop

Meet other local scrapbookers for conversation, inspiration and fun!
Sunday 29th March 2009
9.30am - 5pm
The Masonic Club
High Street, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 9AE
£65 per person
*Goody Bag
*4 Classes
*1 make and take
*refreshments throughout the day
*on site shopping
Class Teachers:
To Book Contact:
Your Touch of Craft, Tel: 01284 761222
Bookings will be taken over the phone with a valid credit card.
All Bookings need to be paid in full to secure your place.
Cancellation policy:
*Should we be able to resell your place a full refund minus a £10.00 administration charge will be issued.
*We will take all reasonable attempts to fill cancelled spaces.
*The following charges will apply dependant on date of cancellation only if the space remains unfilled.
29 January 2009 - 50%
28 February 2009 - 80%