Monday, 10 August 2009

Yes i know it has been a VERY long time since i last did a post on here but when you read this you will see why!!!

So here goes and with pictures as well...... Thanks Marion!

OK Thursday the 23rd July saw Rosina and myself head down to Gatwick airport to meet up with Marion and Fly out to Florida to the big trade show.... CHA here we come.

Rosina and i got to the airport before Marion, so we checked in and had the checkin lady hold the seat next to us in Premium economy....

When a very nervous Marion arrived at the airport she checked in and said her good bye's to Ricky.
So off we go... i wasn't sure that Florida was ready for us but we were on our way....

We go through security and Rosina and i were through no problems.... but Marion was stopped for a body search.... ok that out the way we here a voice say "who's bag is this?" yep..... it was Marions...... so bag searched... body searched and then round the corner and we ALL had to take our shoes off and they were xrayed again...... ok thoroughy searched..... (was begining to think Marion was gonna get pulled for a strip search.... cos they had just about everything off her!)

Ok We are through and now time to eat and shop.... what more can a girl ask for.

We decided that as we were traveling nicely we would check into the lounge and enjoy a bit of pampering so we went to the lounge first to eat and get the energy to shop....

Bacon buttie and orange juice for Marion and myself and Rosina had Smoked Salmon...... very nice it was to...

Then we went off to shop and i think i thought i would have a lot of time on my hands cos i bought 5 books! And some dime bars! Priorities!!!!!

So we finish the shopping and head back to the lounge for the final hour..... another drink and a pastry to keep us going until we got on the plane.....

Then we head down to the Gate...... Marion went all quiet again (those of you who know Marion will understand why it was a surprise that she was Quiet...... but she really doesn't like flying).

Get to the gate and Marion hands over her ticket....a Red light came up and Marion said "oh no now what... is there a problem?" No madam you have been upgraded..... and can you believe that she was gonna turn it down... she asked for her seat back in Premium with us. After a little persuading she excepted the upgrade and i think she is glad she did.

So after a slightly delayed flight (an hour) we are off...... 8 hrs 35 mins later we are in a very warm Florida and a Thunder storm hits the Airport. We get our luggage and go through farmers and fisheries... (they ask if we have food!!!!!!) then Marion and Rosina hand over the cases again as in Orlando you have to get on a tram over to the terminal and you can hand your bags in and they bring them over for you..... What we didn't realise was that because of the Thunder storm it would be over an hour before the cases were brought over as the transport was metal it couldn't be used in a storm!!!

So we finally get the car and head home.... 8.30pm (1.30am your time) we arrive at home sweet home. We are lucky enough to own our own home in Orlando so it really is home for me. (Pic taken on a previous trip!)

So we were there....... the rest to follow.........(easier to do it in stages with pics!).

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