Monday, 10 August 2009

Part 3...... Donna Downey Class and more!

So Sunday saw the first of our classes for the week. So we were up and about early. Marion and Rosina enjoyed a swim and some sun while i ran around getting pics printed as the printer i have in America didn't like my Laptop very much!!!!

So when i get back we decide to go for breakfast at Bob Evans and then head over to Angela's shop for our class with Donna......and what a fab class it was..... so different to anything i normally do but soooooo much fun... although i still haven't managed to finish mine yet!

The class was supposed to be 5 hours but we were there more like 6 hours +! It really was great and we have all the bits and pieces coming in for you all to have a go yourselves!

So after the class we decided to finish off a lovely day with a lovely meal..... so we headed to the Cheesecake factory for Dinner...... i see a food thing going on here!!!! lol

We Decided on the Monday that we would have a few hours by the pool then do a little bit more shopping and if we had time a manicure and pedicure..... which was lovely, but they said it would be about 45 mins and 2 and a half hours later we walked out! We went to my fav restaurant ..... Lone Star steak house for dinner and then home to bed as we had a very early start in the morning for class and the first day of the show..... the reason we were there!!!
More to follow in the next post!!!!

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