Monday, 10 August 2009

So we were in Florida!!!

Ok so we have arrived and because of the time difference we are all up and about at 4.30am but all waited to show face until about 6am!!!!
We were in the pool by 7.30am!

So after a swim we decide what the day ahead would bring. So we head to Florida Mall for a little retail practice, and lunch them Michaels and Joann's for some craft shopping! Then Dinner and home....

Saturday i had a few bead places i had to visit (a few new bits in the shop for you to look at (and buy!!)). And we checked in with Angela to make sure we had everything for Donna's class on Sunday. We then popped to Celebration for a wander around and Dinner..... We decided to have a salad for dinner and ended up in a fish restaurant!!! But we did have salad!

Then Marion and Rosina decided that it would be rude not to have desert so Marion had Key lime pie and Rosina had Strawberry shortcake!

So after a lovely dinner we head home..... just after we unload the car (god knows where we thought we were gonna pack everything and it is only the second day!) a massive electric storm hit and was with us for about 3 hours!!!!

More to come in the next post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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