Monday, 30 March 2009

Spring Workshop

Well i thought it was time that i added a few bits to this.... Sara has done a sterling job of getting the sneak peeks on here for the Spring Workshop, thanks Sara!

I was hoping to be able to attach some pics from the day on here but i think i will have to ask Sara again!!!! This is a new Laptop and i can never find where anything saves.... i think it is in one place and then i go to find it, and it is no where to be seen!

Anyway, i think everyone enjoyed the day. It was hard work for Sara and i, and although we were shattered when we were finished we did go home with a smile on our faces. We had some lovely compliments which gave us a great boost.

Thanks to all the Teachers (Suezie, Annie and Anna) everyone had great projects to do, and i think everyone got everything finish, ready to show off when they got home. Thank you ladies, you all did a lovely job.

The room looked lovely once we got everything set up. Sara spent ages do all the decs for the day and it was so worth it.... well done you.

The only thing we could have done better was the baking of the cookies...... they were just a little (very little) over done, but if that is the worst that happened i think the girls did good!!!!!!!

Anyway, on to other things.... for those of you that don't know, we open the new shop in Taverham on Good Friday so life here is manic. Myself, my dad and my brother in law took the old ceiling down, put a new one up and laid half a laminate floor on Friday. I have to say that i found muscles i didn't know i had by Saturday morning!!!! I am sure all the stress will be worth it on the day!!!!

OK i am off now to get the last of the orders done for the new shop.

Take Care

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