Thursday, 4 June 2009

From Florida

Hello All from sunny Florida (well not so sunny today!)

As every a day in the life of all at YTC and Beads and Bears is always busy. I have the mamouth task of trying to pack all the lovely goodies i have bought! Not much papercrafts this time i am afraid, (that is the next trip in July!). This was (is) a big bead buying trip, and my goodness have i spent out this time!!! Judith..... you will pleased to know that your large silver beads (Should) be here today! talk about cutting it fine hey! I will have the new stuff in the shop by Monday. I fly home tomorrow and land Saturday late morning, and those of you that know me, know i am not a very nice person without sleep, and i HATE the night flight home. I am not sure if that is because i am going home and i LOVE it here in sunny Florida or if it is because it is a night flight! I think a little bit of both really.

There are a few things that i miss about home..... my bed is one of them. I think the beds here are really hard and i normally have a bad back (but that could be all the shopping as well) anyway, as i am here on my own this time i am in the master bedroom downstairs in our house. So i hatched a plan..... i am the original Princess and the Pea girl! I have brought a matress down from one of the other bedrooms and put it on top of the HUGE matress down stairs. I have to climb onto the bed and then get on the other matress. The bed is about 4 ft high!!! It is quite funny. If i get clever i will post a picture on here for you..... but me and technology are not the best of friends!

I had a small problem with the hire car as well...... The brakes were not working properly (just a little problem then!) and in the middle of a rain storm yesterday..... the wiper blades stopped working...... Fab i thought now what do i do!

Well i took the car back and i really lucked in! I had already received a free upgrade on the original car and then they decided to give me a bigger upgrade and i got a premium car for the price of an economy! Bargin!!!! lol

The healthy eating has go out the window...... i have had Vanilla cake for breakfast almost every day!

OK This is not getting the packing done...... See you all on Monday.

Amanda x


  1. Woo hoo, thank you Amanda! Have a safe trip back, especially with my beads!!! Just kidding, hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly, take care. Judith x

  2. See you when you get back for a autumn workshop pow wow - safe journey home xx

  3. Safe journey home hun.

    Get lots of sleep in that BIG seat of yours.