Sunday, 8 February 2009

Well Here Goes!!!!

So this is my FIRST official blog!!! I am such a tech biff that i really don't know what i am doing!!!

Just to let you know that the new class list is hopefully going to be available by the end of this week......

Those of you that know (or don't know), my parents have been away in sunny Florida for the past 8 weeks!!! Yes i did say 8 weeks..... they flew back in on Friday to our lovely cold snowy weather! So mum is back in the shop to help out. This frees me up to try and get myself sorted out. First thing is a trip to Essex tomorrow to see my fab friend Marion who is being an angel and lending me her Gridwall for a show i am doing at Farnborough in 2 weeks time..... Thanks Hun you are a star xxx.

Then Tomorrow afternoon/ evening i will be doing my best to try and get the class list out... so check back and it might be here...

I am also off to the UK trade show on Sunday, so really looking forward to seeing all the new and exciting bits and pieces on offer..... and hopefully lots of lovely new goodies for all of you!!!!

Ok that is it for the first post.... check back i will be adding i promise!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yay, you're here at last!!! GOOD GIRL.....

    Drive safely and bring a brolly as it's raining!!