Friday, 11 February 2011

Paper Roses

I just had to stop in and thank Kay for taking such good care of me, making me a cuppa etc.  So glad I could amuse you Kay :-)  Between you guys at YTOC, Jess, my hubby and even MY MOTHER! -  I've had more 'mickey' taken out of me this week than the last two put together!  Just wait till all you guys get something I can laugh at LOL!

Anyhow I also stopped by to thank Kay for showing me how to make one of those fab roses (while she babysat me) this week and to share a couple of pictures as proof.

I love this photo of Kay looking so happy (and healthier - well done you for sticking to the diet, you're looking pretty good there Kay) doing what she loves - crafting.

Amy jumped in on the tutorial too and these were our finished roses.  Aren't they pretty?

And these were some I made later that evening at home.  You can check out how I made the leaves over at my blog here for a step by step picture tutorial.  I had so much fun with these.  It feels so good to be crafting again - even if I do still lean to the left LOL! 

I for one am excited at seeing Julie Hickey.  I met her at a workshop last year and she is so nice and friendly.  I hope I can make it to YTOC on 5th March!



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