Sunday, 6 March 2011

Julie Hickey Day & Craftwork Cards!

Well she arrived!  And what a day it was - one full of lovely inspirations, great new products, a fab class and lots of friends dropping by.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend a few hours could you?  Shame I could only stay a short while myself but I was grateful for the lift - thanks John.

Julie is such a lovely lady and she was a delight to watch.  Although not the owner of Craftwork Cards she is essentially the face of the company at all the best shows and events so how lucky were we to have her here in little ol' Bury St Edmunds.  Plus she shared that she has recently passed her 'screening test' so we might be seeing her on our TV screens in the very near future too!

Julie's designs are so pretty and effective - they make you just want to rush home and get started and there were lots of lovely samples to photograph from the day.  I will be sharing a few more over the next couple of posts for those of you who didn't have cameras handy (or missed her visit).  I know she was also leaving a few samples behind in store so drop by and check them out when you can. 

I especially loved these pretty box frames that were decorated up.  Wouldn't it just be fab to do one of these for a class!

And these were simply ADORABLE! Just in time for Easter.  Love, love, love the new 'dotty' card candy and there was even a new 'daisy' design too. 

Whether you choose to colour the entire image or just highlight one or two areas they make stunning cards.  No stamping, no mess and all on that great pearlescent card stock that takes ink so well whatever medium you choose.  I have inked it, chalked it and coloured it with paint and pens myself.  Julie was using pro-markers on the day - I must fish my new ones out and have a go lol!

And before I left I just couldn't resist having Kay take my picture with the 'rich & famous' celebrity - okay so Julie would probably say she's neither of these I'm sure, but she's most definately a celebrity in our books - and a very lovely one she is too.
Thanks sooooo much Julie.  I know it's not easy having everyone take your picture and I hope I did you justice with some of mine.  I hope too it won't be long before we get to see you in action again.  Best of luck with the 'acting' career!



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