Friday, 21 January 2011

What a lovely day today, the sun is shining can't wait till it is warm as well.
The class on Wednesday evening went well even though Suzie wasn't feeling her best' hope you are feeling better now Suezie. Everyone seemed to go home happy having had a few hours me time and created some really cute pillow boxes, just think of the fun they will have thinking of what to fill them with.
Suezie's next evening class is on Wednesday 16th of Feb. starting at 6.30pm if you would like to book call us on 01284 761222.
Rosina's sat morning session for Feb is on the 5th. the sample is in the shop it is a mini flip album . She is really on the ball having made a very cute easter basket for the following month, it is getting very hard keeping up with her,he he.
Amanda is of to the CHA in the States next week with WOW so gets to see everything new thats being launched there (she tells me its hard work yeah!!)
Remember Julie Hickey is coming instore to demo in March, her workshop is now full and l didn't even get a place. We are looking forward to having her here.
take are all, happycrafting. kay xx


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  1. Did I get a place in Julies Workshop Kay? I did not get a response to my email so I do not know where I stand.(Elaina Friend)