Sunday, 18 July 2010

A week in the life of Your Touch of Craft

We just don't know where time goes, Monday morning found us back in the shop just in time for a delivery of some new stamps that a friend of Amanda's designs, her name is Marion and she is a clever girl.

Tuesday was uneventful and Wednesday saw more goodies I do love it when parcels arrive it is exciting to see what Amanda has ordered. then when we closed Suezie arrived for a sewing tutorial. Amanda, Rosina and I were put through our paces and we loved it (I am hoping to post a pic of Amanda concentrating really hard). We didn't leave the shop till 11pm.

Friday was very hectic we had a huge delivery maybe some sneaky pics and also a visit from Jackie who needed to make some wedding cards which we had already made once but she couldn't find them, I bet she finds them now that she doesn't need to. Hope your family liked them Jackie.

Suezie visited us to get everything ready for the first waltzing mouse workshop, Shirley also popped in it is lovely to see everyone, I nearly forgot Liz as well and she is so good and makes such a good cup of tea, I am looking forward too crafting with her on Wed, she has promised to help make the teas again as we have a Suezie class they are making a mini book and we will be making some new friends as there are a few new ladies coming along which is great.We love the fact that we have made some really good friends through the shop.
Suezie's workshop went really well, the girls worked hard and made some lovely cards and well done Trish i think you won the little goodie bag.
I am so excited tomorrow morning really really early!! Amanda Rosina Suezie and myself are off to Leeds to Craft work cards and John is running the shop solo! so go along and say hi. We will take some pictures tomorrow to show you how we get on in Leeds, so until then .
bye for now.

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